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Organisation Profile

C C Shroff Self Help Centre is a Fair Trade Non- Government Organisation in Garments and Handicraft Industry operating in Mumbai since 1979. The key objective of C.C Shroff Self Help Centre is to provide economic independence to people who are low skilled and socially or physically challenged. We guide, train and equip them with different skills like tailoring and embroidery, thus helping them towards living life with dignity by providing infrastructure and finding a market for the products made by them. We preserve our rich Indian culture by utilising traditional methods of making fabrics and handicraft items and embroidering garments. Training programmes are carried out in tailoring, embroidery and handicrafts with special emphasis given to women, so they can become economically independent by either joining us or becoming independent Entrepreneurs.

We are an ethical fair trade non-profit organisation.

  • A member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) since 2005

Our Products:

Unique patterns and colours are used by our artisans to create products such as:

  • Customised Shopping bag
  • Bed cover & Quilts
  • Cushion covers
  • Corporate gifts
  • Tailored Indian Garments
  • Tailored Western garments
  • Wraps, Sarongs
  • Dupatta and scarves
  • Bags and Purses

Core Strength:

Our strength lies in

  • Patch work
  • Appliqué work
  • Bead work
  • Embroidery
  • Block printing
  • Screen printing (direct, batik, resist and discharge)…and we are open to learn new skills every day!

We identify the skill sets of people who have been working with us for long and work around developing and enriching their skills. Nurturing and nourishing the potential of people always occupies a prime place in the organisation.

As a client you can:

  • Select from the range of products developed by us
  • Commission us to design products specifically for you
  • Work with us to manufacture your designs

Eco-friendly and Fair Traded

In an increasingly eco-friendly world, we are pleased to offer a range of natural, vegetable and azo-free dyes. In association with the Vertically Integrated Fairly Traded Cotton Project, we can arrange for unbleached, knitted, cotton, jersey Yardage and T shirts that have been processed without the use of chemicals.

Supply Chain

We have a network of trusted fabric suppliers throughout India and can assist you with sourcing interesting and unusual fabrics. Before any order begins, samples of new products are made and sent to the client for approval.

Quality Control

Before freighting any consignment, each product is checked thoroughly to ensure high standards are maintained. By placing your orders with us, you can be confident of receiving well made products on time, and at competitive prices, knowing that your money is supporting Fair Trade.

We enjoy the challenge of developing new products and using new methods of textile embellishments. Our product range is increasing all the time. Please ask for an update on new processes or put forward your own ideas and suggestions. We represent a dynamic fusion of traditional processes with contemporary design, and a commitment to quality control and reliability. When you decide to place an order with us, you know that not only will it be completed satisfactorily, that it will be also be vehicle for training, financial security and personal pride for our workforce.